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Meta Description: A technology high school provides students with the opportunity to start training for a career in tech, so they can graduate job-ready.

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Why You Should Consider Technology Schools for High School and Tertiary Education

From automotive mechanics to aerospace engineering, the field of technology offers a wide range of career paths with countless opportunities for advancement. Considered the fastest growing occupations in the United States, STEM positions provide a high level of job security. Yet, many parents are reluctant to enroll their children in a technology high school, otherwise known as technical, trade, vocational and vo-tech schools.

In fact, attending a science and technology school is often frowned upon as a lesser alternative to a traditional high school. This causes many students to wait until college to begin their careers in STEM. So, here’s why you should ignore the naysayers and enroll your teenager in a technical high school.

Tech is an Invaluable Skill

Technology is steadily replacing jobs around the world. For most people who work in STEM, and others who are technology literate, this is a great thing. Bring on the chatbots in customer service and the robots at the assembly plant! However, everyone who fails to adapt will ultimately fall behind. Because of this, an early start in tech via a technology high school helps to groom students for virtually all future careers. This reduces the possibility of prolonged unemployment after graduation.

Every Child Could Use a Head Start

Technology is no easy degree to score and the career field is competitive. While this creates plenty of room to grow and advance, it often does mean the courses are difficult and the stakes are high. By ensuring your child completes tech classes in high school, you provide them with the opportunity to start ahead of the game in college. Compared to students who only completed a traditional high school course of study, technology high school graduates are typically far more prepared. Here are some high-paying STEM degrees worth considering for college.

·         Computer programming
·         Mechanical engineering
·         Video game design
·         Accounting

It May Help to Decrease Gender Disparities in Tech

Did you know that of all the computer science graduates in the United States, only 10 percent are women? Universities all around the world are trying to change this. However, the best stage to tackle the issue is before college — before girls make the choice to study anything else. By attending a good science and technology school with STEM programs like computer programming and robotics, girls may be exposed to science and technology. This exposure may increase the likelihood of pursuing a major in tech or other STEM fields.

High School is a Less Expensive Time to Fail

Not everyone who wants to work in tech has the skills or talent to truly excel in the field. Also, translating a hobby into a classroom setting can cause students to lose interest. This is a very expensive experiment to try in college where tuition can end up costing upwards of $39,000 per year. While ideally, no one wants to fail at anything during their academic career, the best time to fail is in high school, so your child can change career paths before it’s too late and without racking up $160,000 in debt.

Graduates Leave High School Job-Ready

College is an enriching experience with something to benefit everyone, if you’re willing to take on the challenge. However, the reality is that not everyone has the time, money or interest to spend another four years in school after graduating high school. By attending a modern technology school, however, students can graduate job-ready for entry level positions in STEM. Not only does this provide them with immediate opportunities for employment and earning an income, but it allows them to save for attending college at a later date, if they so choose.

Leave with Paperwork

While we’re on the subject of graduating job-ready, one of the main reasons that students go to college is to leave with the paperwork. This paperwork may come in the form of a bachelor’s degree and declares mastery in a particular field or skill. This could range anywhere from philosophy to programming. However, students who graduate from a good science and technology school may graduate with not just college credits, but also their own paperwork: certifications in their chosen field.

Vocational Colleges are Less Expensive

While a traditional four-year degree may fall outside the time and budget range for many students, vocational training may be closer to the mark. After leaving a technology high school, students can capitalize on the skills learned to study an advanced vocational program. Another option is to learn a new skill altogether that complements the former. For instance, a student who specialized in graphic design in high school may choose a tertiary vocation program in web design.

Enrolling your teenager in a science or technology school program could be one of the best decisions you ever make. Technical schools provide students with the tools to create financial independence long before their college-bound friends. Even better, tech grads can achieve this goal without taking on the burden of crippling student loan debt. So, if your teen has been showing an interest in STEM lately, the best time to start discussing tech school options with them is today.