Technology Trends for 2019

Meta Description: As a consumer, you can expect quantum computing, flying cars and greater governmental oversight to be some of the technology trends going into 2019.

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Technology is constantly advancing. That means technology trends in 2018 may no longer be relevant in 2019. It is vital for anyone in the tech industry to keep one eye toward new innovations. Looking toward 2019 and beyond, some themes come forward. New tech is important, but it is also vital for it to be regulated in a responsible manner. Here is the innovation to look forward to in the next generation of devices.

Greater Government Oversight

Many tech companies, such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google, have more influence than ever before. With this power comes greater responsibility. You may have already seen important people in the tech industry, such as Mark Zuckerberg, testifying in front of the United States Congress in 2018, and you should expect more of the same going forward.

To prevent corporate overreach and protect consumers, more regulations and oversight will be necessary. This is further emphasized with the creation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, which went into effect in 2018. Net neutrality will also continue to be a hot topic of debate in all industries.

Flying Cars

Flying cars have been part of the public consciousness for decades now. It finally seems as though they may become reality. Although you should not expect your local roadways to have only flying cars any time soon, many companies continue to design the models. The groundwork came down in 2017 and 2018, and there are some anticipated services about to launch.

Dubai has recently begun to experiment with a flying taxi service. This service was technically a drone that had the ability to carry one passenger who weighed no more than 220 pounds. There is a touch screen in the vehicle where the passenger can input his or her destination, and the drone takes the person there. Awareness will continue to become more widespread this upcoming year. With this awareness, more investments will come in, and the technology will continue to grow.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is looking to be the next big step. It has the potential to do more than traditional supercomputers, and it could overtake them in the near future. As of the moment, there is still a lot of room for error in this field. A lot of competitors are currently in this field, so expect to hear a lot more about this in 2019.

Many people unfamiliar with the field may not know what quantum computing is. It has the potential to help with the qubit generation, AI and encryption. You should expect to hear a lot of people using “quantum” as a buzzword in the coming years.

Debunking Fake News

Fake news has dominated the headlines in 2017 and 2018. As a result, you should expect to see more companies making concerted efforts to ensure they do not spread this fake news. Over the last year, citizen-focused initiatives, industry participants and even governments have come together to prevent misinformation from being spread on their platforms.

A big part of this will be preventing false news stories from interfering with actual events, particularly political elections. One concern with this is that it could lead to the fragmentation of social media. Instead of quelling anything that is false, some platforms may quell conservative news while other platforms limit liberal viewpoints. As a result, consumers can become more entrenched within their bubbles.

Listening In

Many consumers have become concerned about their products listening to them and for good reason. There are plenty of Smart Home devices in the marketplace. This includes the Amazon Echo. Additionally, Facebook just released the Portal, which is a similar device that can take video of you and record conversations. Therefore, any companies that want to sell such products going forward need to be aware of this trend.

It will only become more vital as the devices become more advanced. There will be a lot more media scrutiny for this in 2019, and companies need to listen. People do not want to be illegally tapped, so companies need to learn to assuage those fears.


You should expect to see more platform-based companies, such as AirBnB and Uber, to partner with asset providers. For years, many of these companies have only existed as a platform. In order to remain viable, they need to expand into the physical realm. Both business partnerships are expected in the near future.

Through this, many companies will increase the value of both their physical and digital assets. There are numerous challenges present when dealing with a platform-only business model. However, it looks like that will change soon.

Global Natural Disaster Strategies

Natural disasters continue to be a problem around the globe. Fires, hurricanes, floods and more continue to ravage communities. When governments fail to protect citizens, they may turn to tech companies to help rebuild towns.

Going into 2019, you should prepare for businesses and insurance companies to work more closely together. Hopefully they will take more aggressive steps to minimize the overall impact of natural disasters on communities.

Generational Shift in Politics

Many young leaders have taken hold of countries around the world, including Canada, Austria and New Zealand. They have redefined what a politician can be, and when young people see that they can become involved, they are more likely to be active in local elections.

A major benefit of having millennial and Generation X leaders is that they better understanding the technological climate. They know how the internet and social media work. As the years go on, more millennials will begin to take greater leadership roles. This is only a good thing as the previous generation passes the torch to the net.

Enterprise Behavioral Science

Many tech companies try to advertise the fact they have happy employees. When workers are satisfied with the work, they are more likely to be productive. As the years go on, people in the general public should expect a number of scientific studies to come forward about how happy these employees truly are. Additionally, more behavioral scientists are likely to take jobs in marketing, strategy and HR at these tech companies.

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