4 Tips for Finding the Perfect iPhone Deal

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Meta Description: Thinking about a new iPhone? Expand your thinking to consider older models, and you may find the exact iPhone, no contract phone you want without the high cost.

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4 Tips for Finding the Perfect iPhone Deal

So, you've decided you want to purchase an iPhone. First off, you have chosen wisely; Apple has created a loyal fan base worldwide by consistently delivering innovative products with features that customers love. Most products do not inspire people to camp out in line waiting to buy like iPhone fans.

Unless you insist on getting the new 5G-enabled handsets when they appear sometime in 2020, you won't have to rough it in the Great Outdoors to land your new prized possession. You can just order one online, and let Shipito handle all the shipping details for you. More about that later, but now it is time to examine some ideas for you to consider as you select the Holy Grail of smartphones: your new iPhone!

Whatever plan you want for an iPhone—no contract, cheap iPhones without a contract, a free iPhone with a contract or other possibilities—we will give you some ideas and tips to find what you seek. In the end, you will be several steps closer to possessing a new, fully functional smartphone, so let's get started.

Tip #1: Decide What Matters Most

The first thing you will probably notice is that Apple has produced many different versions of the iPhone over the years. Several models are currently available for you to choose from based on what you require from your phone. Deciding on the features that are most important to you will help you narrow down your choices and find the phone that best suits your needs.

For example, it may be imperative for you to have the latest, most powerful handset available. The iPhone XS Max will definitely fill the bill in this case, but its purchase price is a substantial investment. You may be just as happy with an older model phone that has the features you want at much less cost.

You may prefer the smaller footprint of the iPhone SE, or want the larger screen size of the iPhone 7 or 8. One quick aside, the iPhone 8 will cost you more than a version 7 model, but it does not really represent much of an upgrade.

Whether you put more emphasis on the quality of the camera, the screen size or the tonal quality, you will generally find an older iPhone model that focuses more on what interests you. Read reviews of the different models online to find out what features Apple accented with each new release.

Tip#2: Figure Out Your Budget Preferences

When you have selected the iPhone that best meets your needs and desires, it is time to start thinking about payment options. The standard way is to sign a two-year contract with a carrier and pay for the phone over time as part of your monthly payments. Paying for an iPhone over time is popular because it allows you to:

  • Choose a carrier plan that works best for your situation
  • Find a plan that offers incentives like no down payment or 0% interest
  • Upgrade to a new phone without having to pay off your old one by trading it in

Another way to purchase iPhones is to buy them “unlocked.” Apple refers to unlocked phones as “SIM-free,” which means the user is free to use a SIM card from any carrier that supports iPhones. This offers you advantages such as:

  • Freedom to switch carriers at will since you do not have a contract
  • Ownership of the phone handset so you are free to sell it
  • Ability to upgrade your phone at any time without waiting for special deals from the carrier

Do your research because new iPhone purchase plans are popping up every month. If you take a little time to look at all the available options, you will definitely find a great bargain that best fits your needs.

Tip #3: Compare, Contrast, Eliminate

Now that you have determined what iPhone features matter most to you and which payment type will work best, it is time to narrow down your search. Start by creating a comparison table of iPhone models beginning with iPhone 6 and continuing down through iPhone XS Max. To the right of each model name, set up column headings that contain various features that you consider essential, such as screen size, camera resolution, cost, payment plans, etc.

As you create your chart, read different reviews online from users of that iPhone model to learn what customers enjoyed about that iPhone and what they did not like. You will start to form mental impressions of the various models, and eventually one will stand above the rest. This is your pick; buy it, and get ready to enjoy the pleasures of owning your very own iPhone.

Tip #4: Shop, Ship, Enjoy

Now that you have done all of the hard work of selecting the perfect iPhone, the last thing you need is to have the experience soured by a bad shipping experience. Let the shipping experts at Shipito simplify the process for you and save you money on charges. Check out our full range of premium services, and discover why people are switching to Shipito when buying iPhones and other great American products.



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