What Are They Waiting For? Apple To Release 5G iPhone in 2020

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Meta Description: With the wonderful capabilities of 5G on the way in the near future, many are asking how long Apple fans will have to wait for iPhone 5G to become a reality.

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What Are They Waiting For? Apple To Release 5G iPhone in 2020

You have undoubtedly heard by now of 5G and the vast possibilities it holds for the future of technology development across the globe. Every remarkable new move on the near horizon – IoT, AI, autonomous vehicles, connected cities and the list grows daily – seems to be intimately connected with this next generation of broadband network connectivity. According to reports, many phone makers plan to release versions of early 5G adaptions in 2019. However, one big player is missing: no iPhone 5G model is proposed for the current year. Many are wondering does iPhone x support 5G, and if not, why?

Many Shipito customers are curious about plans for the iPhone, 5G network progress worldwide and how Apple plans to incorporate the new network standard into their immensely popular smartphone products. In this article, we will attempt to explain some of the reasons we think Apple is waiting until 2020 to roll out 5G-enabled products while most Android phone manufacturers seem bent on being first in a brand new market.

Chip Wars: Qualcomm Dispute Equals Slowed Development

One likely reason Apple is sitting out the 2019 rush to 5G is due to its legal battle with chip provider Qualcomm. Since 2016, when the licensing dispute began to heat up between Apple and Qualcomm, Apple started switching to communications chips provided by Intel. The migration to Intel chips was complete by the end of 2017 when all iPhones contained Intel. However, this situation set Apple back in the 5G market since, at present, Qualcomm is the leading developer of 5G communication chipsets.

As the legal machinations slog on – the FTC has now alleged that Qualcomm attempted to create a monopoly on the 5G chip market – Apple's customers will most likely complete 2019 without having 5G. It is anyone's guess what the outcome will be, but experts expect Intel to eventually develop its own standards-compliant 5G offering and level the playing field for Apple.

Lack of Infrastructure

The standards governing bodies completed the final specifications for 5G (officially named 5G New Radio) in June of 2018. Since then, communications companies and governments across the globe have busied themselves creating, building and installing the hardware that enables the new technology to function as promised. Connecting the world, or even a small city it seems is a labor-intensive and expensive undertaking.

Since 5G relies on extremely small wavelengths transmitted in the high-frequency ranges, users will notice some initial drawbacks.

  • More transmitters required than 4G:
    Try a backpack-sized transmitter on every street lamp and utility pole. While carriers needed a 4G tower roughly every 10 miles, 5G requires transmitters every 1000 feet.

  • Transmitters needed inside:
    Since radio waves in the frequency allotted to 5G do not penetrate through walls very efficiently, multiple transmitters will be required inside every building.

  • 4G Compatibility:
    Since early users of 5G phones will have limited access to 5G networks, makers plan to incorporate 4G capabilities on the new phones. Depending on the location, many 5G phone users will spend most of their time using 4G networks in 2019.

Limited Uses

Saying that 5G will not have many uses in 2019 sounds a little strange, but the fact is that development seems to run a little behind the hype. What promises to be transformative technology as it begins to take root in society, may seem a bit unnecessary at first. In the beginning, 5G smartphones will be on the cutting edge, but users may at times wonder why they purchased a bigger, heavier, thermally challenged, power-hungry phone to do the same tasks at roughly the same speed as they could accomplish on their sleeker 4G model. Sometimes, being first means that you must make sacrifices.

Apple seems to be betting that in the time it takes the dust to settle on the initial rush to market, infrastructure providers and application developers will have had an opportunity to take 5G to the promised level of performance, and beyond.  The already planned uses will start to capture the imagination of users and the new technology, if history is any indication, will spark developers’ creativity. By holiday release time in 2020, Apple is counting on the iPhone 5G network entrance to strike an elegant balance of hardware maturity and application readiness.

In the sometimes-ruthless smartphone market, timing can be everything. By holding on to its slightly aloof position of being above the fray, Apple usually manages to shine in the competitive mosh pit.

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