Buying an iPhone Through the US

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Meta Description: It’s important to be informed when you buy an iPhone online through the US. Learn what to look out for when buying online to avoid scams and get the best deal.

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Buying an iPhone Through the US

iPhones are one of the most popular cell phone options, thanks to their sleek design and their many unique features. It is often cheaper to buy a phone in the US than in another country, so many people buy their phones online through US websites. When you buy a phone online, it is important to be vigilant in avoiding potential scams. Learn how to navigate online minefields and successfully purchase an iPhone. Whether you buy an iPhone outright or buy one used, this article helps you weigh the pros and cons of each option.

Buying a Used iPhone

Buying a used iPhone is a great way to save money while still getting essentially the same product. An iPhone that is refurbished but in good condition can serve you for years to come. When you buy a used IPhone, it is important to ensure that the phone has all the features and capabilities you require. The most important requirements for a used phone should include:
     As shown in the product description
     Not stolen

Avoid Stolen Phones

Stolen products are always undesirable, but stolen Apple products include a safeguard that makes them useless after being stolen. To avoid wasting money and the inconvenience of owning stolen property, ask the person you are buying from to send you the IMEI or MEID number so you can check it on websites like IMEI Pro that ensure a phone is not stolen. Otherwise, you may receive a phone that cannot be activated.

Check for Counterfeit

Counterfeit phones can look legitimate, but will have an entirely different interior than true iPhones. The counterfeits often run on Android instead of iOs, which makes the user interface look completely different and is a major tip-off. Images of fake iPhones are easy to find online, so check those and beware phones that look just a little off from the famous phone shape and design. If the logo or size looks strange, it is probably a fake. One of the most reliable ways to ensure that your phone is a real Apple product is to check its serial number on the official website. Ask the person you plan to purchase from for the serial number before you buy the phone.

Find Reputable Online Retailers

Major websites like eBay offer buyer protections and refund services that can add security to your purchase. If you place an order and what you receive does not match the description provided, these websites have a process that can ensure you are refunded. Before you buy a used iPhone, check the return policies and customer service policies for the website. Make sure they prioritize customer satisfaction.

Buying a New iPhone

When you buy an iPhone new, much of the guesswork is cut out of the equation since the item will come new out of the box and be covered by a guarantee. However, there are still a few different options for purchase. Some options will work better with different budgets, so keep that in mind as you make your decision. As you consider various stores and payment options, figure out your goals for the purchase. Do you want a low monthly payment, or do you want to pay the least amount overall possible? This will guide you as you decide whether to buy an iPhone outright or through a payment plan.

Buying Outright

If you can afford the large payment upfront, it can actually save you money to buy an iPhone outright. This option is best for those buying from outside the US. Payment plans can tack on up to several hundred dollars in extra fees. Buying outright means purchasing without a carrier attached, and gives you freedom from monthly payments  and specific carrier plans. If you choose to go this route for your phone purchase, you have fewer options. You can buy directly from Apple or through a phone carrier service in a single transaction without adding a plan. Another option is to buy from a third party retailer like Target, but be aware that the transaction will be associated with a particular carrier.

Payment Plans

Many people don’t have room in their budgets to pay upfront, which is where payment plans come in. Carriers typically will offer monthly payment plans that are paid off in addition to phone service bills. The cost per month is determined by how long the payment plan will take. Phone companies have a range of offers and payment plans that may fit with your budget, so make sure to research the many monthly payment plans they offer.

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