Handout to Air New Zealand

The newest Zealand Government has consented to subsidize Air New Zealand's flights from Los Angeles to Apia, Samoa. The airline had threatened to withdraw through the route unless the Government of Samoa coughed up some money, effectively wiping out Samoa's only direct access to the North American and European tourism markets. Samoa's Minister of Tourism has promised to do all they can to advertise the Apia route, hopefully making the subsidy unnecessary in the future. Air New Zealand's weekly flight from l . a . to Apia competes well with Hawaiian Airlines service from Hawaii to Pago Pago, American Samoa. Anyone traveling between your U.S. that is mainland and Samoa should compare prices and flight times because going via Apia might be cheaper and faster than transiting Honolulu. With Air New Zealand, a stopover in Apia is supposed to be free.